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Deep Pore Cleaning Facial with Extractions $140 (75 min)

If you are looking for facial that includes extractions and very detailed pore cleaning this is it.  Deep pore cleansing facial is my specialty. I leave no comedones/blackheads behind. 
My signature treatment protocol is designed to properly prep your skin for extractions, perform the extractions, and then soothe and calm the skin to prevent any post-facial inflammation and breakouts.  All modalities and products used in this treatment target acne, blackheads, large pores, and help to prevent future breakouts, improve skin color, texture, and reduce oil production.

Signature Facial Massage $120 (60 min)

My signature facial massage combines three different techniques for ultimate results. We will start with neuro-sedative massage for deep muscles relaxation and the release of anti-stress substances. Next, lymphatic drainage technique for improving lymph movement and venous blood outflow, which provides for active removal of the decay products, resorption of hematomas, edemas. And now our muscles are ready for structural massage to re-firm and tone facial muscles. Treatment includes cleansing and exfoliation of the skin, facial massage done with an anti-aging mask instead of oils or lotions for better results, neck and shoulder massage included.

"OxyLift" Oxygen Infusion Therapy/ Carboxy Therapy $150 (90 min)

Lack of oxygen in cells is one of the main reasons for skin aging.  OxyLift helps boost skin's natural production of oxygen by stimulating red blood cells to release oxygen. Thus we are able to oxygenate the skin from the surface by creating a chemical reaction and releasing CO2 molecules into the skin and inside out through increased blood circulation during this treatment. Blood carries oxygen and essential nutrients to cells, and detoxifies your skin. 

Results: skin looks dramatically brighter, fresher, and even-toned. Skins density is improved. Oxygen dome therapy helps to combat the negative effects of oxidative stress on our bodies.

My signature 7 steps protocol for this facial is an absolute must-try. No downtime. Not suitable for clients with rosacea. 

SilkPeel Microdermabrasion Dermalinfusion $135 (70 min)

SilkPeel Diamond Dermalinfusion will revolutionize your skin. It is a completely unique, non-invasive skin perfecting procedure in which skin shows an immediate and noticeable improvement in volume, hydration, tone, and texture. 

Being top of the line machine in its class, SilkPeel allows me to work not only on your face but also on such delicate areas like skin around the eyes, lips, and neck. 

And this is not it, I also included Silkpeel treatment on the chest/décolletage and hands into this amazing facial. All the areas that also age and need to be worked on but so often neglected by all other estheticians, I cover. 

Algae (aka) jelly mask is included in this facial along with mask for your décolletage, and hands. Yes, you read it right, I will be applying the mask on your hands as well.

Want to book this facial? Then go to my contact page and call/text to schedule your SilkPeel facial.

Red Carpet Facial $165 (90 min)

The absolute favorite facial in my studio. SilkPeel Dermal Infusion combined with Oxygen Infusion therapy is extremely popular with Hollywood celebrities, who prepare for live events using this treatment combination. SilkPeel Dermal Infusion is a skin-resurfacing treatment to gently yet effectively exfoliate damaged skin cells and deliver serum infusion to treat a variety of skin concerns.  Added oxygen infusion therapy with powerful serums can effectively rejuvenate, detox and brighten your skin, plump up fine lines and give your skin a very healthy, radiant glow. This no-down time facial treatment.

Oxygen RX Facial by Circadia $140 (70 min)

This facial will be a variation of my signature Deep Pore cleaning Facial Protocol. Ideal for clients with severe acne at the flare up stage.
Oxygen Rx Facial System was voted the #1 acne treatment in 2021 by estheticians and clients. This variation of oxygen infusion therapy was formulated to kill acne-causing bacteria, reduce inflammation, and lighten and brighten the skin. The presence of oxygen makes the skin firmer. Stimulates fibroblasts to produce more collagen in the dermis. This treatment is extremely nourishing and beneficial for all skin types.

Firming Peptide Facial $100 (50 min)

An amazing treatment for aging, mature skin with the main concern: loss of elasticity.
Benefits: Firms, Tones, Boosts Skin’s Energy, Delivers Essential Peptides.
The results are noticeable, immediate and safe. Your skin will feel re-hydrated, plumped, firm and glowing. Facial includes enzyme peel, peptide firming mask, and oxygen dome therapy.