Things you should know before LVL Keratin Lash Lift

Thinking about getting LVL Keratin Lash Lift? Read this to learn how to prepare for treatment, contraindications and aftercare.

 Before the treatment

It is highly recommended to avoid using eye makeup, oils and heavy creams around the eye area 24 hours prior to LVL Keratin Lash Lift treatment. It is important to have clean lashes to get the best results possible.


  • recently done eye surgeries
  • ongoing eye infections (conjunctivitis, trichotillomania, psoriasis around the eye)
  • severe allergies (patch test is required)
  • contact lenses are to be removed prior to treatment, and can be placed back after the treatment

☝ Pregnancy is not a contraindication. Patch test for allergic reaction is required before the treatment. ☝


Do not allow the eyes to come into contact with water for 24 hours after treatment, which means no showers, swimming or doing anything that will expose them to steam. Also following the treatment you can’t wear eye makeup and try not pull or pick lashes. After the 24 hours you can resume your regular activities, there is absolutly no rstrictions.