Advanced Ultrasonic Facial $100 (50 min)

This high-tech facial is performed with the ultrasonic machine that emits high–frequency sonic waves to exfoliate, repair and stimulate the skin. Ultrasonic facial is gentle, non-invasive treatment that is suitable for all skin types, from acne to rosacea. Your pores will appear smaller, skin firmer with all over healthy glow. This treatment includes a deep cleansing enzyme exfoliation, ultrasonic soft peel, light extractions, infusion of intensive corrective serums with ultrasonic face massage, followed by a Bio-Targeted treatment serums customized to your skin’s needs.

Signature DERMAWARE Bio-Targeted Facial $100 (50 min)

My signature Bio-Targeted facials are both corrective and tailored to your skin’s individuals needs for maximum results. Each signature treatments includes a deep cleansing enzyme exfoliation, ultrasonic peel, light extractions, followed by a Bio-Targeted treatment mask and corrective nourishing serums. Relaxing neck and shoulder massage is included to complete this wonderful treatment. Available Bio-targeted facials include:
* Age Control
* Pigment Control
* Acne Control
* Redness/Rosacea Control
* Men’s Skin Power

Contraindications For The Use of Ultrasonic Device

  • Pregnancy or nursing
  • Pacemakers
  • Acute / severe infection, open lesion, inflamed acne
  • Cancer patients
  • Diabetes and blood disordes
  • Heart conditions and seizures