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Myth #6: “All Skin Types” product is suitable for anyone.

Let’s make another shopping trip to the store. So many choices… And every company promising you a solution to any problem or concern you have. Do you feel lost?

Take a deep breath and start looking at the labels. You already know a few tricky claims that cosmetic companies make and you should be cautious about. But here is something new: label reads suitable for “All Skin Types”. Hmm…

How often do you see suitable for All Skin Types label on a jar with moisturizer or for All Hair Types on the shampoo bottle? Do you feel like this can be the best choice? What can be wrong with such a universal product?
Let’s use our logic and think of these claims. Can the same moisturizer help to get rid of acne and regulate excessive oil production in oily skin while be moisturizing to dry skin? Or can the same bottle of shampoo help someone with oily hair and scalp and be a good choice for someone with dry hair at the same time? The answer is NO.

Truth: There are no universal moisturizers or shampoos that would be suitable for all skin or hair types. We all have different needs determined by our skin or hair type, gender, age, specific concerns and etc..

You are unique, and you should be getting a personalized approach in choosing what skin care product is right for you. And my job as your esthetician is to advise you about the best way to care for your individual skin type.

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