Myth #7: You can use your face cream instead of the eye cream around the eye area.

The skin around the eye area gives away people’s age like nothing else. This is the first thing I look at when trying to guess somebody’s age. This area is the first to show the signs of aging due to us blinking 10,000 times a day, squinting and smiling and also because it is 10 times thinner than skin on the face and has a very different structure.

If you want the delicate skin around the eye area to stay younger looking for as long as possible, it is very important to treat it with the proper skin care products.

Some people believe that eye creams are not essential for their skin care regiment, so they do not use them at all or use face cream/moisturizer instead.

Truth: Face cream/moisturizer/serum should not be used on the around the eye area unless manufacturer suggests so. A lot of the times you will find “avoid eye area” written in the description. The skin around the eyes differ in structure, thickness, permeability, pH levels and even cell turnover rate compare to the rest of the face. It has no oil gland but filled with blood and lymphatic vessels.

The whole purpose of using corrective skin care products is to address the needs of your skin. And what your eye area needs is very different from the needs of the skin on the face. So, for example, when the face moisturizer is formulated to address aging concerns, the concentration of its anti-aging active ingredients might cause irritation reaction on the delicate skin around the eyes.

Bottom line is: you should be using creams that are specially formulated for the skin around the eyes. There are different types of creams for different parts of your body for a reason. Face cream should not be used around the eyes, body lotion should not be used on the face and feet cream cannot be applied to the face.